“My only mission is to make positive and uplifting music”

Nya LoveChild

Nya LoveChild

now available

the album is here! 

Developing a worldwide view from her experience as a military child, traveling from country to country, state to state; Nya delivers a universal message of love to help empower others to reach their full potential. From serving the country in its time of despair, to now serving the people in their time of need; a need for a female artist who can break the monotony of what mainstream media refers to as a "Femcee". 

With years of hard work and dedication, Nya has found a new home with Right & Exact Entertainment and iSupport Media Group. Nya is the rising queen in hip hop that it so desperately needs. "My only mission is to make positive and uplifting music". "L.O.V.E. (Lovechild's Own Vibrant Energy)", is now available on BandCamp. The first single, " I Listen" is not only circulating through digital and terrestrial stations, its more importantly giving hip hop exactly what it has been missing; substance from its female half.